Interagency Contract Directory

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)


»  What is the source of information for the contracts and IDV information?
The ICD search includes all the data elements related to contract procurement collected by the Federal Procurement Data Systems-Next Generation (FPDS-NG) from 1979 through today. The ICD search includes 20 data elements related to IDVs.

»  How current is this federal procurement data?
The federal procurement data is available the next working day after the contracting agency submits the data. However, DOD contracts will be available 90days after the date signed.

»  How do I find out more information on how to use the search tool?
On the ICD home page, we offer the ability to contact us with comments or questions. The search page offers a Quick Help feature to help users maximize their search experience. Additionally, there is a link to the Help file from the ICD Home Page.

»  What types of government procurement is included in this site?
ICD is a searchable database of Government-wide Acquisition Contracts (GWACs), multi-agency and single agency contracting vehicles, Federal Supply Schedule (FSS) contracts, or any other procurement instrument intended for use by single agency or multiple agencies, including Blanket Purchase Agreements (BPAs) against Federal Supply Schedule contracts which can be used by contracting officers and the program managers.

»  What does the display tab ‘Contracts since FY03’ refer to?
The display tab 'Contracts FY03' refers to allowing the user to view any action (IDV or Award) that has been awarded since Fiscal Year 2003.

»  What does the display tab ‘All Contracts’ refer to?
The display tab 'All Contracts' refers to allowing the user to view all IDVs and Awards that are active and in a ‘Final’ status.

»  What does the display tab ‘ICD’ refer to?
The display tab ‘ICD’ refers to allowing the user to view all active IDVs that have been awarded after October 1, 2006.

»  What does contract ID (mod #) mean?
The contract ID (mod #) is the greatest modification number of the IDV in an approved status. The results display the contract number with the modification number in parentheses.

»  Why are there hyperlinks on the data elements?
The hyperlinks are there to help drill down and filter data specific to the values in the hyperlinked fields.

»  Is the ‘free text’ search case sensitive?
The free text search is not case sensitive.

»  Why is Ceiling Remaining Negative?
Because the base IDV does not have money obligated at the time of the award and the system is subtracting the total of the delivery orders/task orders from a zero starting point. Contact the Government POC to determine if there is ceiling available for this contract.

»  How can I save my results?
From the search results page, click on the ‘Export to PDF’ icon and use the ‘Save a copy’ button to save the PDF file to your desired location.

»  How can I see the CAR/IDV?
Click the ‘View’ hyperlink beside the Contract number.

»  What is ‘Awards’?
The hyperlink ‘Awards’ lists all the delivery orders that reference the specific IDV.

»  How does the search work?
The text entered will be searched in any field on the contract. Ex. Search for ‘oil’ brings up all the data elements that have a matching word in the value of any data element namely Vendor Name, PSC code, NAICS Code, Requirements Description etc.

»  Why does it provide a hyperlink on fields that don't do anything?
If you have only one result, there will not appear to be any difference. The hyperlinks are there for further sorting and searching when you have multiple results.

»  How do I search for contracts having specific Socio economic data?
Use the ‘Advanced Search’ feature to search for contracts having specific socio economic data. Select the specific socio economic data from the drop down and click ‘Search’.

»  Why does the requirement description get cut off from the results?
The requirement description is truncated to display the first 50 characters only. However, the PDF and the CSV will display the complete requirement description.

»  How often is the data updated?
Data is refreshed every 24 hours to have the latest and most updated data available. The updates include recalculation of the Contract /Program Ceiling Remaining based on the Awards and IDVs modified.